Saturday, July 16, 2016


After arriving we had a pretty long drive to Cala Gonones, a

resort town.

We ate at our hotel; I had anchovy, capers and olive pasta

and a seafood salad. Teresa had a salad with tuna and

spaghetti pesto which she did not enjoy.

In the morning we drove to Dorgali to get items for our picnic

and then went to Gola Gorrupa which was a very deep,

narrow, dry gorge. For 25 euros each we took a jeep down

most of the way, and then a 40 minute walk to the entrance.

Another 5 euros to get in the gorge. Teresa enjoyed climbing

over the boulders to get deep into it.

When we started back we ate our lunch.

We kept running into a Swiss couple during the trek.

We were told a jeep could pick us up at 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00.

We were back at the transfer point a 3:00 but did not get

picked up until 4:20.

We drove back to our hotel and then walked to the beach

where we read for a while.

For dinner we split a mixed salad and an olive, onion and

salami pizza.

Tuesday was another traveling day; down to Cagliari, the

capital. After checking in we walked toward the port and

found a kebab stand; and a little later gelato at Piazza


We then walked up by the Elephant Tower and Pancrazo

Tower to the Archeological Museum which was pretty good.

Sardinia was heavily involved in trading when each of the

Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Spanish, Pisans,

Saroyans and Italians had their turn.

After that we toured the Royal Palace and Cathedral as well

as part of the Bastion of St. Remy.

We then made it back to our room before heading out for

lemon soda and chocolate.

After wandering a while we chose a restaurant on Piazza

Yenne. I had a steak, not bad; Teresa had ravioli and a


In the morning we drove on a day trip to Nora, an ancient

port city that was founded by the Phoenicians, taken over by

the Carthaginians and finally the Romans. They built on top

of each other so most of what has been excavated is Roman.

We took a guided tour.

We then drove further to Chia to go to a beach there- very


Back to Nora for the tower tour. Spain had held Sardinia for

about 400 years and built watchtowers along the coast, in

this case to protect tuna fishermen from North African


For dinner we had a plate of cheese to go with our thin and

regular bread, complimentary small bruschetta, and we

shared wild boar stew and pork sausage.

In the morning we first drove to Su Nuraxi. The Phoenicians

weren’t the first to inhabit the island. The Nuraghes were the

first to establish a civilization and we visited the largest and

most intact ruins, dating from 1,500 to 1,000 B.C. We also

went to the modern but uninspiring museum.

On to Oristano where we found our place and checked in.

We then drove quite a while to a beach for some relaxing and

then to Tharros, the remains of an important Phoenician port


We walked up to the tower to see the views.

Back to the room.

We walked a bit before finding Kalipera (not Greek) for

dinner. We both had very good chicken cutlets with

mushrooms, carrots and spinach, with french fries and a

mixed salad. Gelato on the way back.

In the morning we drove north and stopped in Bosa, a very

charming colorful town. I had gelato there. We walked up the

hill to the castle but didn’t go in as we were pressed for time.

On to Alghero.

After checking in we headed to the port with

the intention of taking a boat to Neptune’s Grotto. Weather

conditions would not permit. We decided to drive to another

beach where we camped for the afternoon.

We strolled around the Old Town before dinner, checking out

a couple of churches and a few hundred shops.

For dinner I had marinated sardines with pesto and walnuts-

magnificent. Teresa had a mixed salad and we split a pizza.

We both got gelato.

In the morning we checked with the boat owners about

Neptune’s Grotto being open. One was noncommital, another

finally called and found the boats could not go in at that time.

We then walked the bastion walls of the Old Town, then

through it stopping at the Church of San Francisco and its


We asked the boat owners again and were told the Grotto

would be closed to boats all day. We asked if it was still

accessible by car; an affirmative response sent us to our car.

A long walk down but picturesque.

It is a large cavern opening to the sea with stalagmites and

stalactites. As it happened, our group of about 50 included an

Asian couple from Australia we had met while touring Nora.

After the climb back up we ate sandwiches at a snack bar

then headed to Pelosa Beach. The beach is said to be

Sardinia’s best. It had nice sand, turquoise waters and nice

scenery- also- jam-packed.

We were there about an hour before the weather threatened

so we headed back to Alghero to clean up.

We ate on the waterfront on the bastion. I had seafood pasta,

Teresa spaghetti bolognese. We both shared ham with

melon and oven baked pecorino cheese. Gelato on the way


In the morning we went first to Castelsardo. We toured the

castle and the town.

On to Santa Teresa. We stopped by the elephant rock on the


 We checked into the Canne Alvesto which was a very nice 

B&B. We walked through the historic district then down to the

port to buy our ferry tickets to Corsica and familiarize

ourselves on how to get there.

After cleaning up we went close by for dinner. We shared a

sesame seed salad and a spicy sausage, gorgonzola pizza (I

talked Teresa into it)- delicious. We walked through the Old

Town for gelato.

In the morning we got a huge, great breakfast. We then

drove to Palau where we caught a boat to tour the local

islands including Maddelena, Spaigi, Santa Maria and San

Stefano. We both swam at the first of our two beach stops.

We took several photos but not nearly as many as two girls

were taking of themselves and each other.

Back to the room.

We went to Gastronomia Vesuviano for dinner, a small mom

& pop place- very good. I had fried calimari with a mixed

salad and Teresa had a chicken cutlet and a mixed salad.

Naxos- on the recommendation of our waitress- for gelato

and it was very good.

The next day was car return to Olbia airport day. On the way

we stopped at Porto Cervo, Sardinia’s Monte Carlo- very

posh, lots of yachts, a Rolls Royce dealership at the harbor. 

We walked through the shopping area. I looked at one price tag-

a dress for 4,224 euros.

On to Olbia, left the car and took the bus back to Santa

Teresa. A stop at the supermarket and walk to the beach-

glad we didn’t pass this one up as “Rena Bianca” was a

beautiful, large beach that was understandably crowded. We

picnicked there, read, walked, Teresa swam, then a nature

walk on the nearby promontory.

Back to the room.

For dinner Teresa had lasagna and a mixed salad. I had

spaghetti ragu- should have stopped there but also had a

chicken cutlet and mixed salad. Naxos gelato for dessert


Got another wonderful breakfast before heading to the ferry

for Corsica.

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