Saturday, July 16, 2016

A day and a half in Paris

We checked into our hotel on the left bank and metroed to

the right bank- presumably to a TI that turned out to be \

another fake-out one. We picked up some good Paul

sandwiches that we took to eat at the Jardin de Tuleries.

We then strolled to the Louvre, not to go in but to admire

from the outside.

We backtracked to the Place de Concorde and decided to

walk up the Champs Elysee to the Arch de Triomphe.

We then metroed close to the Eiffel Tower but didn’t want to

wait in line to get closer.

We then walked back to our room.

We walked in our neighborhood a while before finding a

place to eat. I had duck, Teresa lamb, both very good.

In the morning we metroed to St. Michel.

We then walked to Notre Dame, a long line so we walked

around Ile de la Cite before metroing to the Museum of

Jaquemart Andre, a museum we had never been to before. It

was a great museum with art from the Renaissance through

Impressionists ( no photos allowed of the Impressionists) in a

pleasant setting.

We then walked along Hausmann Boulevard, doing some

shopping, some church viewing and finally to the LaFayette

Gallery, a shopping mecca.

We then metroed to the Basilica of St. Denis and walked the

pedestrian street nearby.

We then metroed to Sacre Cour and Montmarte.

We finally metroed back to Notre Dame and visited as a

Mass was winding down.

Back to the room.

We chose a nearby Korean restaurant for dinner; I had beef,

Teresa pimento pork, both good.

Of course we both had gelato, it was our last night.

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